Our engineering and design services are:

  • Design and engineering (Shop Drawings).
  • Thermal, acoustical and structural calculations of our systems.
  • Advice, counseling and LEED certification process management.
  • Fabrication and manufacturing sheet orders for CNC programming.
  • BIM (Building Information Model) and 3D modeling.
  • Manufacturing programming with Solid Works and Elusoft software in STEP formats
  • Mock Ups and laboratory tests.
  • Costs and budgets.



IT & Technology

We use the following systems and software for the design and development of engineering and manufacture:


img1 Some of our systems have been tested and certified by independent laboratories in the United States, Europe and Argentina. Likewise, we are experienced in field-testing or certifications if required by the project.
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For manufacturing processes all our equipment is CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Elumatec brand of German manufacture.

We have ERP (enterprise resource planning) in SAP company, to the integration, control and management of our operations in the financial, commercial, shopping and warehouse areas.

All operating activities are governed by our Operating Procedures Manual (SOP), prominently including our manual Quality Control QC.

We have systems of identification and traceability for barcode of parts, components, and assemblies modules for better control in receiving and sending materials to their various destinations.

Aluvisa has vast experience in the management and coordination of installations following its standard operation procedures (S.O.P.) and quality control manual.
Aluvisa’s main policies and targets to be met are: safety, quality and timely performance of its commitments.
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We offer several commercialization services for our export-projects.

Central and South America.

  • Turnkey. We provide our project execution services under the turnkey scheme, that is, we offer an integral service that includes design, supply, manufacture, and final installation of our systems. Usually supported by local business partners.
  • K.D. (KnockedDown). We offer our system’s engineering together with a prefabricated supply (unassembled) K.D



United States and Canada.

  • Engineering. Development of engineering and construction details (Shop Drawings).
  • Fabrication of sheet orders.
  • Materials supply. Aluminum extrusions, glass, miscellaneous materials, etc.
  • System manufacture (Knocked Down KD).
  • Systems fully Assembly.
  • Logistics, export and transportation of products to the Unites States or Canada.

We have the certification by the Mexican Government to operate the Temporary Import and Export INMEX Program for assembly plants (maquiladoras).